Aimsun focuses exclusively on the development and marketing of traffic modeling software for online and offline applications.

Aimsun Next integrates a microscopic-mesoscopic hybrid simulator with travel demand modeling and macroscopic functionalities for modeling networks of any size, from single intersections to whole cities. As such, it is the perfect all-in-one tool for transportation modeling applications: from planning, to operations, to evaluation of ITS, autonomous and connected vehicle technologies.

Aimsun Live offers traffic control centers real-time decision support for traffic management. Aimsun Live's dynamic, high-speed, lane-based simulation of large areas allows traffic operators to accurately forecast the future network flow patterns that will result from a particular traffic management strategy.

Now with offices in Barcelona, London, New York City, Paris, Portland, Sydney and Singapore, Aimsun services over 5,000 licensed users in 80 countries. Aimsun software users include government agencies such as NYCDOT, SANDAG and USDOT in the USA; TMR, DPTI and TfNSW in Australia; the Expressway Authority of Thailand, and the Mairie de Paris in France.

Leading consultancies use Aimsun's software to deliver consultancy services, while academic users and research partners include the Universities of Minnesota and California, Berkeley and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; Keio, Japan; Southampton, Leeds and Newcastle in the UK, and Queensland, Australia.


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